What is Business Law?

Business law, also called Commercial Law, is very broad and encompassing in scope. It includes all aspects of the laws - federal and provincial - that govern how to buy, start, manage, close or sell any type of business. 

What areas of the law does Business Law touch on? Business Law deals with the legal rights, duties and liabilities of parties involved in any kind of business transactions related to commerce, trade, sales and merchandising. It includes, but is not exclusive of:
    •    Business Incorporation
    •    Mergers and Acquisitions
    •    Contract Law
    •    Tax Law
    •    Intellectual Property Law
    •    Employment Law
    •    Real Estate Law
    •    Corporate Finance
    •    Insolvency
    •    Bankruptcy
    •    Directors’ Liability

Do I need a business lawyer? Absolutely! Every business, large or small needs a business lawyer. They will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business. Many companies wait until they have a legal problem before hiring a business lawyer. However, bringing a business lawyer on board early in the game can help you avoid future litigation. 

C2 Global Law LLP is a full service boutique law firm that is committed to providing our clients advice that is both practical and cost effective. Our legal team has over 20 years of legal expertise in all aspects of Business Law. Contact C2 Global Law for your legal business needs.