Tax Litigation


Tax litigation is litigation related to tax matters or conflict with tax laws.

Any issues, problems, and/or conflicts should be addressed promptly by a tax litigation lawyer so as to avoid penalties, assets being frozen, liens on property and assets, and/or criminal charges.

Contact the C2 Global Law tax litigation attorneys for assistance with:

  • Disputes with the CRA
  • Disputes with the IRS
  • Appeals to the Tax Court of Canada
  • Appeals to the U.S. Tax Court
  • Director Liability
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Fairness Applications
  • Disputes with State Taxing Agencies
  • Disputes with Provincial Taxing Agencies
  • Tax Court Representation
  • Criminal Tax Representation
  • Tax Investigations
  • Delinquent Tax Returns
  • Failure to File
  • Tax Evasion
  • Tax Fraud
  • Corporate Underpayment/Underreporting
  • Settlement of Tax Liabilities
  • Releases of Tax Liens and Tax Levies
  • Sales Tax Litigation including GST/HST
  • Customs Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Payroll and Business Tax Disputes

The C2 Global Law tax litigation lawyers in Canada and the U.S. offer our clients – individuals and corporations - expert advice on all matters related to tax litigation and we have an excellent track record in delivering favorable results for our clients. Where ever possible we will attempt to negotiate a settlement and avoid tax litigation which can be costly and time consuming. Contact us today to discuss your tax issues and conflicts with our experienced tax litigation lawyers.